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Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era 1873 – 0-6-0ST Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway

Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era

1873 – 0-6-0ST

Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railwayllustration: No.4 Newry in 1932

This small Irish offshoot of the LNWR had throughout its existence only six locomotives, the design of which was almost exactly similar to that of the numerous Ramsbottom ‘Special tanks’ of the North Western (one or two of which survived until 1959 on shunting work at Wolverton Carriage works).  The main difference was a larger driving wheel, 5’ 2½” instead of 4; 5½”, and the adaptation to the Irish gauge of 5’ 3”.

No.1 Macrory, No.2 Greenore and No.3 Dundalk were built at Crewe in 1873, followed by No.4 Newry and No.5 Carlingford in 1876, and finally No.6 Holyhead in 1898.

These worked all the traffic on the line until 1933, when an agreement was made with the Great Northern of Ireland under which the latter took over the working of the line.  Thereafter some GNR types were used on the DN & G, but the Crewe saddle tanks continued in service also.  Some of these were lent to the NCC in Belfast during the war.

No.5 had been scrapped in 1929, and by 1948 Nos.2 and 6 were lying derelict in Dundalk yard.  They did not work again.  The line finally closed in 1952, when these, together with the remaining three engines, were broken up.  To the end they retained their old LNWR livery and characteristics.

Wheels – 5’ 2½”,  Cylinder – 17”x 22”,  Pressure – 140 lb., Tractive effort – 13206 lb.,  Weight – 35 tons 5 cwt.