Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era 1868 – 4-4-0T – North London Railway

Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era

1868 – 4-4-0T – North London Railway

William Adams’ standard passenger class for the North London suburban services built from 1868 onwards and continued by his successor J.C.Park.  The class eventually totalled 78 engines.  In 1922, the London and North Western, which had taken over the NLR some years previously, renumbered the 74 surviving engines of this class into their own stock as Nos. 2800 – 73, but several of them never carried these numbers.  On incorporation into the grouping in 1923 they were allocated Nos. 6439 – 6512 in the LMS list, but here again in many cases the engines were scraped before the renumbering was carried out.  All were taken out of service by 1929, and the last one, No. 6445, was sent to Derby for preservation, but unfortunately, it too was broken up a few years later.

Driving wheels – 5’ 6”,  Bogie wheels – 2’ 9”,  Cylinders – 17½”x 24”,  Pressure 160 lb,  Tractive effort 15,378 lb,  Weight – 49 tons 13 cwt.

 Pic – No 2823 (former No.29) at Bow in 1922.


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