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Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era 1861 – Manning Wardle Saddle Tank – Selsey Railway

Steam Locos of a Leisurely Era

1861 – Manning Wardle Saddle Tank – Selsey Railway

The engine as running in 1927

This engine is shown as an example of the well-known Manning Wardle light saddle tank, many hundreds of which were built for contractors’ lines, industrial firms and light railways during the latter part of the nineteenth century.  This particular engine was built in 1861, Manning Wardle works No.21, and had a varied history.  At one time it worked on the East and West Yorkshire Union Railway, and in the early part of the twentieth century it was at a waterworks near Bristol.  It was overhauled in 1907 by Hawthorn Leslie and sold to the Chichester and Selsey line, on which it became No.2 Sidlesham, and in whose possession it remained until 1932, when it was cut up.  The railway was closed entirely in 1935.  Its small miscellaneous collection of engines included two other Manning Wardles, one of them from the Shropshire and Montgomery Railway.

Many of these engines could still be found around the end of the twentieth century in various parts of the country, all either privately owned or the property of the National Coal Board and kindred organisations, none having gone into the ownership of British Railways.

Dimensions vary somewhat in individual cases, but those of Sidlesham may be taken as typical of the design, which remained basically unchanged for many years.

Driving wheels – 3’ 2”,  Cylinders – 12”x 17”,  Wheelbase – 10’ 3”,  Weight – 17 tons

A later model, No.1913 of 1917, at Cannock & Rugeley Colliery, their No.6 Adjutant.