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150 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces From Chasewater News Autumn 1992 – Part 3

150 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces

From Chasewater News Autumn 1992 – Part 3

Carriage & Wagon News

Maryport & Carlisle six-wheel coach – During early May Keith Day uncovered the coach from its winter wraps to find no further deterioration has occurred.  He then fitted small plastic sheets to deflect the rain from the missing windows.  Work was also carried out to make doors and windows fit on the other side.  All seems to be intact now, but on close inspection every coach panel was suffering from weather rippling due to the use of plywood, and I’m afraid that even a coat of paint couldn’t make this vehicle look any better.

Midland four-wheel Passenger Brake – This vehicle remains sheeted up awaiting attention, but strides have been made for attaining roof timbers from Butterley.

Manchester, Sheffield and Lincoln six-wheel coach – This coach has remained sheeted up for some time.  John Elsley unfortunately hasn’t been down to see us recently.  ‘Are you well John?’ Please contact us.

16 ton Great Western Toad – Repainting the visible end of this vehicle has helped the appearance of this trusty tool van.

CCCC (CRC) Brake Van – The flooring has been prepared and painted, but the theft of valuable plywood sheeting from underneath the vehicle has put Keith Poynter back several months.  Members please note not to leave items around the yard.  Lock them up either in the C&W shed or conceal them in the coaches, otherwise they will get used for other projects, burnt or stolen.

Wickham Trailer E56171 – Due to the loco changing ends this season, a rather shabby cab end has been exposed on this vehicle especially when the train enters the station n the return journey.  For the day of the transport rally a hurried black, red and maroon coat of paint was applied, producing a better result.  A cab front window had been fitted a few weeks earlier, so all isn’t too bad.

Wickham Power Car E50416 – Again great steps have been made towards the restoration of this vehicle.  In April, after a major shunt of the station yard, the power car ventured down through the platform under its own power and the reversed onto No.2 road where work on the interior, brakes and exhausts is being carried out.  When stuck for details and internal components fro the brake air receiver bypass valve, Andy Clegg and Chris Hatton visited BR Tyseley and were given everything they needed.  Our thanks to all those concerned!

Derby Centre Car W59444 – During March and April much work was carried out to get this coach into reasonable condition externally, all be it in engineering grey.  Through three weekends of rain and sun the seating upholstery was vacuumed, the floors mopped and windows cleaned, however a management decision was made to put the Gloucester back into service.  Since then work has resumed with Dave Whittle pink undercoating and rubbing down for top coats.

Gloucester Trailer E56301 – This vehicle has remained in service with the Wickham Trailer to form the passenger train.  Initially this was necessary as the Railway Inspectorate had not given permission for the loco to propel the train from the northern end.  Permission was, however, eventually received and on Monday May 4th the loco changed ends.  Since then the Gloucester seems to have remained in service instead of 59444 as originally intended.

Maunsell Southern Brake Van 62861 This vehicle has received attention from two of our new members, Helena Day and Kate Rogersin, in the form of painting the side visible from the park.  After preparing one side and the two ends, members may be surprised that a 5 litre tin of undercoat was used just to cover them.  Work on this vehicle had to be suspended in May due to a pair of blue tits nesting between the panelled sides.

Great Eastern six-wheel passenger brake – The doors have had their frames undercoated and painted, with slide windows fitted when possible.  A recent trip to the East Anglian Railway was to determine the outside panel design, but variations from 1876-1895 contrasted quite considerably.  It appears that a number of such vehicles were constructed at the Birmingham Carriage and Wagon Works under contract from either Holden or Wordsell.  If anyone has details or photographs of this or any vintage GER coaches please contact Dave Borthwick.

Midland Box Van – During another wet weekend this vehicle was tidies up and has now become our spare sparks van where our electrical equipment can be stored.  As many of us will appreciate, cable, switch gear, starter motors, etc. must have a secure home.  Repairs made good the detached sliding door by the addition of a new top runner and bottom door support bracket.

Cadbury Van – this vehicle has been tidied up internally by ‘righting’ the two fallen diesel engines which had been stored in there.  This will give clearance for Chris Hatton to inspect each engine in turn with a view to restoring No.21 to working order.

16 ton Mineral Wagon – This has been prepared and painted in grey top coat by Arthur and Tony.  Numbers and markings will be researched and applied shortly.  This vehicle, which is currently standing on No.1 road siding gives the railway a touch of its origins, and also shields the rusting parts of S100 from the public gaze!   Dave Borthwick.

The Peak Rail Jolly Boys Outing

During May, early one Saturday morning, the twin steer Bedford ‘Fair Spares’ coach drew to a halt in Brownhills West station yard, and so began a very enjoyable day at and around the Peak Railway.

A few of us remarked on the £3 return ticket price on the railway for a trip to Matlock (Riverside) in the middle of nowhere and back.  At the CLR you can travel all day on our train to nowhere and back for half the price.

 There was one pathetic occurrence that happened with all the natural beauty of the Peak District hills, dales and river walks, with the delight of art and craft museums everywhere, the depraved few, namely the PW Gang, Catering and C&W Depts all homed in with no prior arrangement, on the nearest boozer – where silliness began!

Thanks to Sue and Les, and the driver who kept us laughing with his ‘Murphy’ tapes.   Dave Borthwick