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GCR 567 Locomotive Group and the MSL Coach

One of the wooden coaches in the Heritage Centre, at present undergoing a cosmetic reatoration, would fit in with the Edwardian train mentioned, but hopefully will eventually run as part of a wooden set at Chasewater.


This six wheel Composite Brake Coach was built in 1890 at Gorton.

The Manchester, Sheffield & Lincoln Railway became part of the Great Central Railway connecting it to London (Marylebone) at about the turn of the century, and later became the L.N.E.R. The carriage was used on the Easingwold Light Railway near York until retired in 1949, then left on a siding. The Railway Preservation Society rescued the coach in the 1960s and stored it for restoration. This vehicle came to Chasewater and is at present undergoing a cosmetic restoration.  One side is now almost ready for a top coat of paint.