Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

The latest Chasewater Dam News – including, Inside the Dam

To thoroughly investigate the pipe/culvert that runs through the dam, the engineering team sent a camerabot into the pipe and took what we believe is the first even film footage of the inside of the dam!

The footage reveals a hidden chamber the team was unaware of before, a working penstock and a broken penstock. Enjoy!

Lots of you have been asking (including Brownhills Bob) about whether Pool Road which runs across the top of the dam will now be open.

As I said to Stefan (a regular commenter on the blog), I need to refer to colleagues at the county council for answers to your questions, so sometimes they take a little longer to answer – thanks for your patience!

The county team has now come back to me and explained that whilst the plug has gone back in, the road won’t be open til the works are complete (early/mid next year), and said to thank you for your patience.

The team at the county are also pulling together some information about the next steps in the project to keep you all up to date on what to expect next.

Cheers and have a lovely weekend!


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