South Staffs Railway – Hammerwich Railway Station Post

 The South Staffordshire Railway Group have come up with the excellent idea of marking former railway stations on the line with an information post.  Let’s hope that the Hammerwich post is just the first  in the district.

Hammerwich Railway Post

Posted by ROB on August 25, 2011 at 10:35 AM, and reproduced here with kind permission of the South Staffs Rail Group.

There is a link on the blogroll to their excellent site – well recommended.

On Monday 21st August 2011, South Staffs Rail Group installed a small post to remember the once busy railway station in Hammerwich.

There was northing to say it was once a busy local station on the South Staffordshire Line, only an old footbridge and railway track. “We hope people visiting the area all just out for a walk, will stumble upon the railway station and realise how important the line once was for the local heritage of Hammerwich.

South Staffs Rail would like to thank  Hammerwich Parish Council and the local Landowner for their vast interest and support to this small project.


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