Chasewater Dam News – August 2nd

Chasewater Dam News

A round up

Aug 3rd, 2011 by lizziethatcher

The main reason that Chasewater Reservoir exists is to provide a water supply into the canal system.

This water travels from the reservoir through a brickwork culvert which runs on the bed of the reservoir, under the eastern dam to the valve chamber and then out into the canal.

While we have the reservoir drawn down we are taking the opportunity to inspect the culvert and, if necessary, carry out any repairs.

However, the culvert is still under two metres of water, so to get access to it, we are building a sheet piled wall, or coffer dam, around the mouth of it, so that we can pump out this water and then clean out and repair the culvert. This dam is now almost complete as the photographs show. We will shortly start to pump out the water to see what we have got to deal with.The work at the toe of the northern end of the eastern dam involves installing what is in effect a very big gravel filter drain, which will help to draw down and collect the water that seeps through the dam. This will allow dam engineers to monitor what is happening.

This part of the work is also now nearing completion and will be followed by the regrading of the lower slopes of the embankment because they are too steep in some places.

The works at the railway causeway (which are now complete) and at the Nine Foot Pool (which are now underway) are required because the original structures were not big enough to cope with the water that could be expected to flow through them during peak floods conditions, and which could have caused water to breach the dams.

The new structures will have much greater capacity to deal with high flood flows in the future.

More updates soon.
Staffs CC Team


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