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Chasewater Railway 2010 Timetable Leaflet Receives HRA Award.

2010 Timetable Leaflet Receives HRA Award.

Chasewater Railway’s timetable leaflet has achieved the status of “Best Timetable” in the Heritage Railway Association (HRA) Publication Competition for 2010.

Under the HRA’s banner of “promoting the very best in publicity and magazines”, the 2010 Competition was a great success, with the panel of judges needing considerable time to assess all the entries. The panel consisted of a member of the public (without any specific interest in preserved railways), an independent railway enthusiast, two professional railway editors (from Heritage Railways and Steam Railway), and the HRA Publications Officer.

Edited by Chasewater Railway Museum volunteers, the timetable leaflet focussed on providing prospective visitors with simplicity and clarity in understanding the operating timetable, together with details of special events throughout the year. Needless to say, the volunteers concerned are extremely proud and delighted to have come “top of the class” and to have achieved such a resounding success.

The award will be made to the Railway at the HRA meeting in Porthmadog in September.