14394 Fort George HCC

3 responses to “14394 Fort George HCC

  1. Spent Childhood FG 1939-1945 1st SEAFORTHS, Ardersier School marched us to the Station regularly to say goodbye to the Troops leaving for the Front, this evokes memories of those sad days! 1985 met up with Dunkirk Veterans who were sent to FG to retrain then, they too now only a memory!

  2. Hi John, Those days long gone and place much changed. Did hunt for photos of then but only one reference found of old Siding etc. FG has not changed, I’ve been back a few times with mine and it is a time warp to me. it took me six visits to recapture specific locations related to memory and each one startling in revelation eg: Taking picture of my Wife stood on Ramparts I was projected in minds-eye over that wall to a plot below where we buried our wee Collie ‘SPATS’ (Distemper!) 1943. Reserved for Officers, my Father was a Snr. Sgt. Major 1914-1945 so got permissions etc. I was later allowed to visit the Site in privilage. Closing, my Brother and I found ourselves on Seaward side one day in Minefield! in 1997, I was given a special Tour of the Fort by the Curator who let me into the secret of why we survived, his Father being a Comrade of Dads! Am writing memoirs for our grown up Children so that they are not forgotten!
    Cheers, Mike PS:We also ‘Dug for Victory’ in the Moats of then too!

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