Steam Locomotives of a more Leisurely Era 1869 – Stroudley 0-6-0T – Highland Railway

Steam Locomotives of a more Leisurely Era

 1869 – Stroudley 0-6-0T – Highland Railway

16118 at Inverness shortly before withdrawal.   H.C.Casserley

William Stroudley, best known as locomotive superintendent of the LBSCR from 1870 to 1889, had previous to his appointment with that line spent two or three years on the Highland.  During this short period he was able to do little but rebuild some old locomotives, but he did design and build one small tank engine which was the direct forerunner of his well-known ‘Terrier’ class (coming soon!) which he gave the Brighton.  This locomotive was numbered 56 and named Balnain. After Stroudley had left two more were brought out by his successor in 1872 and 1874 respectively, No.57, Lochgorm, and 16, St. Martins.  The latter was renamed Fort George and Balnain became Dornoch.  All three were still running on the formation of the LMS Company in 1923, by which time their numbers had become 56B, 57B and 49B.  They were renumbered into LMS stock as 16118, 16119 and 16383, and lost their names.  Two of them were broken up in 1927, but 16119, the former Lochgorm lasted until 1932.

Driving wheels – 3’ 8”, Cylinders – 14”x 20”,  Pressure – 120 lb., 

Tractive effort – 9087lb.,  Weight – 26 tons.

 Terrier No.70 on  the Kent & East Sussex Railway in 1933 for comparison.


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