Brownhills – Just one photo!

The Railway Tavern

One of the members of the Chasewater Railway had a clearout of magazines and brought some of the old ones into the museum to sell or keep.  I had to go through them all of course – great stuff! One picture more than any other took my interest – the Railway Tavern formerly in Lichfield Road.This photo was taken from the ‘Railway Forum’ of 1970

I can only remember going to this pub once.  There was a Darts League Dinner and Presentation at the Memo which my wife and I and two good friends were going to.  Sadly, we were too late for the dinner – they were almost on the sweet course – so we popped up the road for a quickie (or two!) in the Railway – and that was it, my entire drinking career in the Railway.  (We did one hell of a lot more in the Memo later, from what I can remember!)

I can’t recall ever seeing a photo of the inside of the Railway before so it brought back some good memories – I hope it does for others, too.Photo by Brian Walker, 1993.

6 responses to “Brownhills – Just one photo!

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    Went drinking here in the late 1960s. Someone had tried to make the lounge look like a railway carriage where you squeezed into separate compartments resembling a dining carriage with a seat either side of a small table, everything was fixed down and not very comfortable at all, a bit like a trip to toy town, never saw more than half a dozen customers in there, it was not a success as each group of drinkers were segregated and virtually drinking alone in there own little compartment, Didn’t go there many times.

  3. Hi lived at the tavern from 1968 – 1982 my parents we’re pat & Ron harrison love to see photos etc had such a lovely childhood there.

    • Love seeing this photo my mom and dad took this pub over in 1985 keith and jenny smith I have great childhood memories from here with all our farm animals dad filled the beer garden with lol.would love to know if anyone remembers my mom and dad or if theres anymore pictures to share

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