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Steam Locos of a more Leisurely Era – Midland Railway Locomotives – 1869 Kirtley 0-4-4T

Midland Railway Locomotives

1869 Kirtley 0-4-4T

Picture: one of the last survivors, No.1219, in 1934.

A class of 26 engines constructed by Kirtley in 1869 and 1870 for the Midland London suburban services, for which purpose they were fitted with condensing apparatus for working through the Metropolitan tunnels.  Most of them spent the majority of their long lives in the London area, and right up to the early 1930s were a familiar sight at St. Pancras on empty carriage stock workings.

The tanks were placed beneath the bunkers instead of in the more usual position alongside the boiler, and with their outside frames they presented a somewhat unusual appearance which revealed their elderly origin in their later days.  They were splendid little working engines, however, right to the last, and would have been good for many more years.  It was understood at the time that their somewhat ancient appearance was the sole reason for their withdrawal.  A few had latterly been drafted to country areas, and had their condensers removed.

Their numbers after 1907 were 1200 – 25.  The first to be scrapped was No. 1212, in 1923, and the last Nos. 1211 and 1219, which survived until 1935.

Driving Wheels – 5’ 2”,  Cylinders – 17” x 24” (later rebuilt to 18” x 24”),  Pressure 140 lbs.