Steam Locos of a More Leisurely Era – Midland Railway Locomotives – Kirtley 2-2-2

Midland Railway Locomotives

Matthew Kirtley

In 1839 Matthew Kirtley was appointed, first a locomotive foreman, and in 1841 locomotive superintendent of the Birmingham & Derby Junction Railway; when that railway became one of the constituents of the Midland Railway, he took over the entire Railway as its locomotive superintendent. When he died in 1873 hundreds of locomotives to his design existed, many of which were to last into the days of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway, some fifty years later.

Kirtley 2-2-2

The locomotive in the photograph is No.135A as rebuilt by Johnson.  The engine was broken up in 1885

These engines were the principal express locomotives of the Midland Railway from 1852 till 1866, between which years Matthew Kirtley built 74 of them, all to one general pattern, although the later batches had somewhat larger dimensions.  They had double sandwich frames, and at first received raised firebox casings, but most of them were rebuilt by Johnson after 1875 with flush fireboxes, and small cabs in place of the original weatherboards.

A few were broken up in the 1870s without being rebuilt, but most of them lasted for many years longer, some of them as late as 1905.

No more single-wheelers were built for the Midland Railway after 1866 until the famous Johnson 4-2-2s appeared in 1887.

Driving Wheels – 6’ 8”,  Cylinders – 16” x 22” (increased to 16½ x 22” in the 1863 series), Weight – 28½ tons.


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