Chasewater Railway Visitors


One of the founder members back in 1959 was Godfrey Hucker’s Aunt, Mrs Florence Watson, one of the earliest museum helpers.

Along with her young daughter, Mary.Mrs Watson & Mary, spent many hours helping to restore various items, putting their handicraft skills to the test.Mary went on to take a music degree at Goldsmiths University, and subsequently moved to Hull to further her career. Sadly Mrs Watson passed away in 1985.

On Wednesday, 9th February, Mary and her friend Steve (another railway buff), now living in Rhyl, made a visit to Brownhills West Station to see how things have changed since the early 1960’sAfter a guided tour of the complete site, given by Godfrey & Mavis, time was spent in the Museum. There with Barry Bull & John Tisdale, old times were discussed, and memories rekindled, whilst looking at old photos, press cuttings, magazines, and artefacts.

A very pleasant 2 hours were spent during their visit and in the words of Arnold Swartzeneger “We’ll be back” they said as they vowed to return on a running day, probably the March Gala weekend and many more.Godfrey’s  Grandfather,  Grandmother and Uncle Bill with ‘The Colonel’ at the Grove pit, Brownhills.


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