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Some Early Lines – The Wick & Lybster Light Railway

The Wick & Lybster Light RailwayFollowing on from the Dornoch Light Railway, this was another north of Scotland line.

The Wick and Lybster Railway was a light railway worked by, and later absorbed by the Highland Railway in Caithness, Scotland following a coastal route south from Wick to Lybster. It was intended to profit from the fishery based in Lybster but the harbour declined not long after the line opened. It was built under the Light Railways Act 1896.History

Although the line was worked at cost by the Highland Railway, it remained independent until becoming part of the LMS in 1923. The line gained additional passenger traffic in the 1920s and 1930s when the people of Wick voted for prohibition of alcohol sales. Drinkers would travel to bars near to stations on the line. The last trains ran after a short life in 1944, and the line was officially closed in 1951.


Golf and the railway at Lybster

Golf has been played in Lybster for over a hundred years.

The original course was situated at the Black Park (the present location). In 1904, after the completion of the Wick to Lybster Light Railway, the course was moved to the Reisgill Burn, just to the south side the village.

In 1926 the club moved back to its present location and the club was formally established and a constitution drawn up.

In recognition of the fact that our clubhouse is the former ticket office and that the railway line bisected the course, we adopted the steam train in our club logo. The train, which ran between Wick and Lybster, was referred to locally as the ‘Coffee Pot’. The Wick to Lybster Light Railway, which bisected the course, was closed in 1944.

In the mid 1970s the railway ticket office was refurbished, and is now the clubhouse. Our equipment store, at the back of the first green, was previously the clubhouse!

More information on the Lybster Golf Club website:  lybstergolfclub.co.ukTHE END OF THE RAILWAY in Scotland. This interesting photograph shows a train at Lybster, Caithness, the last station on the Northern Section of the L.M.S. Lybster is 742-1/2 miles from Euston.