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Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces 57

From the last magazine in the first folder.

The ‘Mercian’ is again under new management.  A publicity and ‘Mercian’ sub-committee has been formed, consisting of three members – B.J.Bull, R.Duffill and S.G.Allsopp, two of these are active members today in 2010.

Chasewater News

Work has started at long last on the erection of a station platform.  This will be 120 feet long and will be on the east side of No.1 road near the compound gates.  The retaining wall is to be of reinforced concrete for which shuttering is being constructed.  A short section should be ready for use within the next few weeks.

The removal of the concrete dam from under the bridge on the causeway has apparently resulted in the restoration of a more normal level in the main lake.  At first sight the level of the lake would appear to be of little interest to us but water has to be obtained from somewhere for the steam locos.

Mike Lewis has been erecting a fence, using the railings of possible Midland railway origin, on the east side of the running line and commencing where the platform will end.  It is hoped that sufficient components will be available for the fence to reach down to the platelayers’ cabin.  Alongside the cabin the running line is to be slewed eastwards about six feet to enable a point to be installed and the present ‘Elsley Siding’ to be made permanent.

An Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST has been acquired jointly by the Society, Barry Bull and two of his friends.  Unfortunately it will not arrive until September at the earliest.  It should be in working order when it arrives but will require a major boiler examination next January.

A B  1223-1911Greening Wireworks Warrington

Negotiations have started with BR for the purchase of a coach for passenger-carrying purposes.  A coach is essential to relieve the pressure on the 97 year old Maryport.  The South Eastern and Chatham Railway six-wheel ‘Birdcage’ Brake has been moved by its owners, the Southern Loco. Preservation Co. Ltd. to the Bluebell Railway.  As a result, along with the completion of No.3 road, all of our stock, including two platelayers’ trolleys, can be accommodated with room to spare.

Mr. D. Luker has been appointed to the post of Chasewater Foreman.  He is now responsible for the distribution of labour at Chasewater in accordance with the jobs to be carried out as instructed by Mr. Lewis.  Mr. Luker’s main interest is steam locomotives and he will start work on the ‘Neilson’ when work on ‘Asbestos’ is complete.