Daily Archives: November 22, 2010

Winter Meet & Road Run

From Dobbies to Chasewater

Sunday 21st November saw a run for older vehicles from Dobbies Garden Centre at Gailey to Chasewater Country Park.  The weather was unfortunately cold and overcast with one or two light showers, but there was a fair turn-out of vehicles – including a strong police contingent!All the vehicles were well turned out but Bott’s coal lorry was one of my favourites.We’ve seen this Buick before – always well polished and always welcome.

A green MGBFollowed by a red one!A couple of old motor-bikes  – including one from the Met.Morris Traveller in Police livery.Transit ready for aggro!Nice VauxhallPosh Honda – looking very smart.Triumph, Volvo,  Ford and MGB on the bank.Ford PopularFord PrefectNice WolseleyAnd another one.MetroAnother one that we’ve seen before, I think!A mini Mini!Well done,  Mr. Pearce and team!How did that get in here?!

A couple of strange ones to finish with!