Some Early Lines – Welshpool GWR Some Early Lines – Welshpool – from ’Railways’ Magazine May 1

Welshpool – from ’Railways’ Magazine May 1951

GWR No.849 (ex-Cambrian Railway) on an Oswestry bound goods passing up platform with bay platform on right.

Welshpool is described as the junction for the Shrewsbury line, a reminder of the fact that the old Cambrian main line was Whitchurch/Oswestry to Aberystwyth.  Actually the junction is at the next station East, 2¾ miles away, at Buttington.  Here the old Cambrian line is joined by the former LMSR (ex-LNW) GWR joint line from Shrewsbury.

The station at Welshpool consists of a through platform for up trains with a bay for connecting trains to either Oswestry or Shrewsbury, and an island platform for down west bound trains.

GWR 9002 on 3.05pm from Oswestry (going forward on 4.25pm slow to Aberystwyth), and GWR 9025 on 3.10pm Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth with a typical 7-coach train, at the island platform.

Despite the introduction of the Manors, the Cambrian section is the last stronghold of the Great Western outside-frame locomotives.  The two remaining Dukes are at Oswestry but only work goods now, but the Earls still struggle manfully with many passenger turns which in summer are particularly heavy.

The Old Station, Welshpool

This is the old station platform at Welshpool. The railway has been displaced to the left to make way for the Welshpool by-pass and the original station building is now used as a shopping complex. This is another example of where rail passengers have been inconvenienced for the sake of a new road. The old station provided reasonable accommodation for waiting passengers. The new station can only be accessed by means of a long footbridge which provides absolutely no protection from the elements. The station is now very basic and has but one small draughty shelter.Welshpool Sidings with the station in the background.


2 responses to “Some Early Lines – Welshpool GWR Some Early Lines – Welshpool – from ’Railways’ Magazine May 1

  1. Thankyou for the photos… brought back memories of my youth. When did the Railway first arrive in Welshpool? Was it the GWR or some earlier version?

  2. 4 photos on this page – 849 at Welshpool station, 9002 & 9025 at the island platform, 31075 ditto and Welshpool sidings all of interest (see previous note).

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