Daily Archives: September 16, 2010

More Gala Pics

This is a selection of photographs sent to me by Mary Hayward – there are more and I may use some another time.  Thank you Mary.Class 08 bringing the coal train into Brownhills West – I managed to miss this one both days!Asbestos getting ready – to get wet?The coal train ready to go.Florence ready to go – Dean ready to pounce!Asbestos and 1964 on their way to Chasewater Heaths and Chasetown – give us a smile Nigel!Another happy bunny!  And it’s still early!I knew that we could rely on Keith for a smile!Liam looking smart at the start of a long day.Linda’s first run.It looks like Mitch but where’s all the black smoke?!!Rob giving Linda a bit of attention.Bass No.5 and the shark in the bay.Like a rabbit caught in the headlights!That’s better!!Where’s that coal train gone?!To the woods!Passenger train coming into Church Street, the coal train ready to go.The Shark, Laura and Dave – don’t they all look tidy?!!Time to have a minute!

That’s all folks!