Daily Archives: September 11, 2010

Industrial Gala 2010

Saturday 11th September

The first passenger train of the day pulls into Chasetown, Church Street.  It was hauled by our visitor from Foxfield, Bagnall engine 0-6-0ST 3059/1954 Florence No. 2, named after the colliery of that name.

The day started off dull and showery but improved as time went on.  The afternoon seeing plenty of sunshine.

The latest item of rolling stock to be turned out by the workshop staff was the  ‘Shark’ brake van.

The Gala certainly started well with a fair number of visitors, especially bearing in mind that Saturday is usually the slowest day, so it looks good for Sunday.

The resident locos all were performing well while I was there, although I did not manage to photograph them all, I’ll try again tomorrow – if  ‘Mick the Click’ will give me a couple of minutes off!

Yes I shall be in the museum tomorrow and Godfrey will be looking for your support for his and Jean’s stall on the station.

Talking of tomorrow, the Narrow Gauge will be officially opened.  I believe that Dave has been busy again – we’ll just have to wait and see!

I kept trying to get a good pic of Bass No.5 but Jason kept hiding it!

Two Bagnall girls waiting for the off – Linda and Florence.