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Hednesford – a Town of Two Halves!

Hednesford – a Town of Two Halves?

In the ‘Chase Post’ this week (early September) the headline reads: ‘It’s a sign of the times: but is it art or eyesore?’For me, it has to be art – something to brighten the place up and although I can take the point about spending cuts, it must have been well under way before the cuts came along.  The picture in the paper is of the Landywood sign, and although I like it, I don’t think that it’s a patch on the Hednesford one, featuring the ‘suicidal cyclist’ (well that’s what it puts me in mind of!).  I suppose that it’s a pit-head/bike symbol with the railway signals, and Mick Thacker has done a first-class job.  Congratulations, Mick.Taking things a bit further, while I had my camera out, I took a few shots of both ends of Hednesford – quite a difference!  A new station sign and station improvements, and walking into Hednesford,

the Lightworks shopping experience and the town looking generally tidy, but down to the traffic lights on the Rugeley Road and what a difference.  All four corners up for sale or redevelopment.  Not at all welcoming.

The site of Doberman Securities has been empty for years, the apartments over the road are brand new but don’t seem to be selling, the Uxbridge Arms is up for sale and boarded up and now the carpet shop has closed.

In the fullness of time I suppose that the redevelopers will do their work, but how long will it stay as it is?

Never mind, we’ve got a new road to nowhere through Pye Green Valley!