Daily Archives: June 17, 2010

Hednesford Hills

This is how Hednesford Hills should look – colourful, green and fresh.  Too often we are greeted by rubbish, in this case an end of term ‘party’ from a nearby school:Not content with just leaving the rubbish, they also feel the need to break their bottles:A dog walker’s nightmare!   As well as leaving  rubbish, they decide that it’s fun to set fires – in spite of warnings:Without a thought for nesting birds, bushes have been burnt all over the Hills:Now it seems to be getting even worse – the bushes close to where the cattle graze are being torched – how long before these most gentle of cattle run away from the flames and maybe trample someone?For God’s sake, think what you are doing!Let’s keep Hednesford Hills looking as they should be!