I don’t think that England’s first match in the World Cup did our visitor numbers for the Fish and Chip trains much good – but after watching it I think the Fish and Chips would have been more exciting!  I hope that the England manager keeps Green in goal for the next match at least – he couldn’t let a goal like that in two matches running, could he?

The biggest problem for me is those vuvuzelas what a racket!

On the bright side of football, at last Bert Williams has been awarded an MBE for services to football and charity.  He was in goal for Wolves when I first started to watch them a while back!

I don’t know if any other locals remember but he visited Brownhills for a Fete of some other occasion and I remember queuing to get his autograph on the cricket pitch, Holland Park, also a while back!League winners 1953-54 – the first Wolves side that I can remember – although I had supported them for a while and can remember them winning the F A Cup in 1949.

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