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June Midweek Visits to Chasewater Railway

June Visits

Following the May visit by a school on a few day’s stay at Chasewater, we have had so far this June two visits which took in the Museum.  The first, on 10th June was by the Cheslyn Hay Local History Society.  The group didn’t have a ride on the train, but Barry Bull put on a slide show of local locomotives and locations, after which they had tea and biscuits and a general look around the museum and Heritage centre.

The other visit was for one of our Evacuation Days, which includes train rides, lunch – cooked to war-time recipes – and a visit to the Heritage Centre and Museum, complete with quiz books.  This was the first time the Evacuation Trains had been run under new management and a first class job was done by all.  Linda and Gary did an excellent job in the station, as did the staff in the Heritage Centre and Museum – and there was much whistle blowing when the train was in the platform, thanks to the crew of Mick and Mitch.The Dynamic Duo!!



I don’t think that England’s first match in the World Cup did our visitor numbers for the Fish and Chip trains much good – but after watching it I think the Fish and Chips would have been more exciting!  I hope that the England manager keeps Green in goal for the next match at least – he couldn’t let a goal like that in two matches running, could he?

The biggest problem for me is those vuvuzelas what a racket!

On the bright side of football, at last Bert Williams has been awarded an MBE for services to football and charity.  He was in goal for Wolves when I first started to watch them a while back!

I don’t know if any other locals remember but he visited Brownhills for a Fete of some other occasion and I remember queuing to get his autograph on the cricket pitch, Holland Park, also a while back!League winners 1953-54 – the first Wolves side that I can remember – although I had supported them for a while and can remember them winning the F A Cup in 1949.