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I don’t think that kits are available but if you are ambitious enough, drawings of the original Beyer Peacock engine are available from Manchester Science Museum. These are of the engine in its original form – 0-4-0 before Mr. McClean added the trailing wheels.

The Chasewater Railway Museum has recently taken on loan a double-0 gauge model of ‘Chawner’ similar, of course, to the other four.  This model was built from photographs I believe.

Photos of the model are below.

The real thing:Dimensions:

0-4-2 Saddle Tank with inside cylinders

Driving Wheels                                                4 ft dia.

Trailing Wheels                                                3 ft dia.

Cylinders                                                           14” X 20”

Working Pressure                                         125 lbs per sq. in.

Total Heating Surface                                  645 sq. ft.

Water Capacity                                                640 galls.

Coal Capacity                                                   2½ tons

Weight in working order                               28 tons

Total length                                                       25 ft.  6 ins.

This engine is remarkably large for an ‘industrial’ engine of this period, 4ft. driving wheels, 125lbs boiler pressure, 28 ton weight and 0-4-2 wheel arrangement being better than many main line engines in 1856.

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