Work in the Museum

Work in the Museum

There has been a lot of activity in and around the museum recently.  The Heritage Centre has been very well tidied up and the museum has had a number of new plinths made by our man Derek, the former scenery builder. 

We found two willing (!) helpers for varnishing.

Barry Bull and Bob Anderson – who’d’ve thought it?!

These were needed as part of the accreditation process to keep exhibits off the floor in case of damage by flooding.  It’s nice to see Derek back again after a family illness.  Derek fits out all the display cases in the museum, working at home and trusting his measurements – which have been almost perfect so far – one case proved to be a slightly different size to the others – but Derek’s skill soon sorted that out.  Another member working at home is Godfrey.  He has made all of the Museum direction boards and the ‘Next Event’ boards and has now started to paint the information  stands in the Heritage Centre.We’ve even got plinths for the bricks!

A great deal of work has been done on all three floors of the museum corner, both before and after the Accreditation Assessment.  Now it’s back to our regular cataloguing sessions, including taking photographs of the collection.  We are getting near the end of listing all the items in the museum and stores and soon will be starting to list the thousands of paper items held in store.Here’s a rarity – Barry Bull sitting at a computer!

(Mind you, he didn’t touch it!)

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