May 9th Chat

May 9th Chat

Bagnall loco Linda out on her second trial session, following her first runs on Saturday seemed to be behaving well – ready for next weekend’s trip to Snibston.  I hope that it goes well for all those attending.

In the Museum this Sunday we were busy with more preparations for next Sunday’s Accreditation inspection. More information was put in the stands in the Heritage Centre, and more information in the Museum too.  Considering the cold breeze today we had a good number of visitors – 170 in all.

As you can see in the picture, we kept Godfrey busy, cleaning and polishing the stands as well as adding more info.  It’s nice to know that we have found another job for him and, thinking about it, with Linda being out in the steam and smoke, she could probably do with a polish.  Note the firm hold with the left hand and the swift polishing movement with the right – too fast for the camera to keep up with!  A first class operator for the loco, and I’m sure that Jean will take note as well!

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