Chasewater Vintage & Classic Transport Show, 2010

Vintage & Classic Transport Show, 2010

In Aid of the Midland Air Ambulance

A first class show put on by Helen Tindill and her team – how much work must have gone in to arranging it.  After last year, the question was – could the success be repeated?  Not ‘arf!  Repeated and exceeded, a great effort by all involved – including of course – the exhibitors for all the work that they put in to keep their vehicles in pristine condition.

I took some photos quite early in the proceedings, hoping to get back later and take more, but with the show being so well attended, and a good number visiting the railway, the time just wasn’t there.  There is a set to be found on my flickr link.

2 responses to “Chasewater Vintage & Classic Transport Show, 2010

  1. Hi there I am pleased to tell you that the show is now coming back to Chasewater this year as I have had so many people asking me not to move the show from the park. Thank you for your great comments and I look forward to seeing you this year on 17th April.

    Kind regards
    Helen Tindill

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