Daily Archives: March 5, 2010


Just a bit of news

Sadly the weather caused the cancellation of this year’s February Gala; the frost was too deep for too long for the permanent way gang to be able to do their work.  They are now, of course, working flat out to catch up.

Steam was still in evidence on Sunday 28th in the shape of the small Barclay, Colin McAndrew, working push-pull to Lakeside.  Fares were suspended for the day and donations asked for instead.

On Thursday 4th March the Museum staff were off on their travels again, this time to the ‘Destination Staffordshire’ Tourism Conference at Yarnfield Conference Centre, with over 100 organisations attending, including two of our railway colleagues, Rudyard Lake Steam Railway and Foxfield Railway.

There were a number of interesting presentations during the morning, including one about the ‘Staffordshire Hoard’.  After lunch two workshops were attended.  ‘The Art of being Brilliant’ which obviously I don’t need (!) and ‘Maximising your Web presence’ which equally obviously, I do!