1913RailwayMap burton-on-trent.org.uk

2 responses to “1913RailwayMap burton-on-trent.org.uk

  1. hello, im very interested in the tutbury Jinny, i used to live in tutbury, and i fish the river dove around the old tracks of the Jinny. so basically i’d like to know if it still exists i.e can i go and see it in the flesh?

    p.s really hope you can help as my previous searches have all turn up as blank.

    thanks muchly.

    • Hi Mat, Just about everything that I could find out about the Tutbury Jinny was included in my post – ‘Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces No. 11’, also in ‘Some Early Lines’ Both can be found by searching ‘Categories’. I hope the article helps. Regards, chasewaterstuff.

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