The Artworks of Walsall Wood

The Artworks of Walsall Wood

Saturday 6th February 2010 saw the opening of the Artworks of Walsall Wood following a ceremony in St. John’s Church.  All the works were funded by Walsall Council and designed and built by Industrial Heritage Stronghold Ltd.

The ceremony started with a concert by the Highley Colliery Band – a first-class performance. Then followed speeches by local dignitaries, including the Mayor of Walsall.  The Mayor of Wolverhampton was also present.

Next came a short service by the Reverend Nigel Carter.  It was interesting to hear how many of the local community had been involved in this venture – well done to you all – so many people to be thanked.

Here I should apologise to the gentleman who acted as Master of Ceremonies – he was on-stage in this picture but disappeared before I went ‘click’  – sorry!

Glen Buglass – thanks very much!!

The ceremony was very well supported by the local people and visitors from outside the immediate area, and the visitors in turn were very well looked after by the ladies in charge of the buffet another first-rate effort.

The artist, Luke Perry, (quite a character, this one!) explained finally how the figures and pit head were constructed and erected.

Now was the time for the exploration of Walsall Wood to start, and the Church emptied as the visitors went out to see the works of art.

Within a couple of days the fish had been stolen!

Good news – the fish has been found and will be re-attached in a couple of weeks!!

7 responses to “The Artworks of Walsall Wood

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  2. Hi Chasewater Stuff

    I’m the MC who you missedon Saturday. Don’t worry! I work for the council’s creative development team and managed the arts part of this regeneration project. We are so proud of the works created and so pleased with the massive turn out of interested people last Saturday. You are right, a first class effort from all concerned. Thanks for the blog entry. It looks great! Why not do a bit on the Brownhills miner too? That’s another one of ours celebrating the rich mining heritage of the area.

    Very best wishes
    Glen Buglass

    • Hi Glen,
      Sorry again but thanks for the comment. I’ve just done an article for our magazine about the local tributes and I will blog something else as well in the next few days.
      It’s an awful shame about the fish!

  3. It’s a shame but these days it’s more of a surprise if things don’t get vandalised!

  4. Hi John
    The fish has been found and will be restored to the end of the fisherman’s line. Luke is going to fix it on even more firmly in the next couple of weeks.


  5. Hi Glen,
    Nice to know, good news.

  6. Great Blog…thanks chasewater stuff! Totally agreed – sucks we are surprised when stuff actually DOES NOT get vandalized…what a destructive world we live in

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