RSH Worksplate

Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Worksplate

RSH 7695/1951

This Worksplate is from the Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd. Loco 7695/1951.  Ex works 20-12-1951.  0-6-0ST 18” x 24” outside cylinders.  4’ 0”  driving wheels.

Supplied new to Whitburn Colliery

To Boldon Colliery 7/58

To Whitburn Colliery 2/59

To Boldon Colliery 2/61

To Whitburn Colliery 5/62

To Boldon Colliery 11/62

To Whitburn Colliery 12/62

To Boldon Colliery 5/63

To Whitburn Colliery 4/65

Scrapped 3/70

Fitted with Westinghouse Air Brakes, saw use on South Shields, Marsden and Whitburn Colliery ‘Paddy Trains’.

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