Gibb & Hogg Ltd., Airdrie

Gibb & Hogg Ltd.

Gibb & Hogg were Airdrie-based locomotive builders whose designs generally followed the pattern of the Kilmarnock manufacturers, but with certain differences. The saddle tank is a more curvaceous design than those found on Barclay products.  The Ramsbottom safety valves are mounted on the dome, while a tall stove-pipe chimney is fitted. A feature of Gibb & Hogg products is the provision of splashers over the driving wheels, and the open back to the cab should be noted.Gibb & Hogg 0-4-0ST Built 1898Gibb & Hogg loco built 1898

Gibb & Hogg, Victoria Engine Works,  Airdrie
Established in 1866 but locomotives were not built until McCulloch Sons & Kennedy  closed in 1890. Twenty Kilmarnock type 0-4-0STs, except for one 0-6-0ST supplied to the Eden Colliery. Lowe lists all. One supplied to Meyer of Widnes in 1903 .  Firm ceased production in 1912.

3 responses to “Gibb & Hogg Ltd., Airdrie

  1. I’m interested in anything you have on Gibb & Hogg or any links you can point me to, because our family mythology has it that one if my Scottish forbears from the Lanarkshire area owned a substantial engineering firm, and this fits the bill quite well. My great-grandfather, John Hogg, lived in Airdrie and described himself as an engine manufacturer.

    • Hi Chris,
      Can’t help very much, I’m afraid.
      Prominent among outdoor exhibits is the North British Locomotion Company (NBL) built Garratt locomotive, which was repatriated from South Africa in 1984. A massive machine. 100 feet long and weighing around 200 tons. she was from the penultimate order for steam locomotives placed with NBL in Springburn 1956. 0wned by Springburn Museum. she was brought to Summerlee in 1990 and stands on a length of 3 ft 6 ins gauge track. Another notable exhibit is the 0-4-0 ‘pug’ built by local firm of Gibb & Hogg: this is the only known surviving Airdrie-built locomotive. Info from:
      I don’t know if you have a photo of the loco but I’ll send you a copy anyway.
      John – chasewaterstuff.

  2. Thanks for the photo, but as you probably guessed, I had already found it. Nice little loco. A Google search for Gibb & Hogg brings up quite a lot of stuff, but none of it tells me whether the Hogg of G&H is a relation. I’ll keep looking.

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