Black Hawthorn & Co. Ltd., Gateshead

Black, Hawthorn & Co

Black, Hawthorn and Company was a steam locomotive manufacturer with a works situated in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, UK.

John Coulthard and Son

The Quarry Field Works was opened in 1835 by John and Ralph Coulthard, known as John Coulthard and Son which became R. Coulthard and Company in 1853 when the partnership was dissolved. Their first loco was York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway number 156, a 2-4-0 to the Jenny Lind pattern. There followed more of the same and several 0-6-0 engines. Although the works numbers went up to 100, probably only twenty were new, since the company carried out a great deal of rebuilding work.

Black, Hawthorn & Co

In 1865 Ralph Coulthard retired and the works was taken over by William Black and Thomas Hawthorn, who concentrated on industria tank locomotives, both four and six coupled. The company supplied steam locomotives to collieries and works, particularly in North East England. They also built a number of crane engines.  Some of the locomotives were very long-lived. A 0-4-0ST steam locomotive is around and is currently getting a refit at the Tanfield railway.Black, Hawthorn & Co. 'Isaac Limb' 0-6-0ST of 1874Black Hawthorn loco ‘Isaac Limb’ built 1874

Chapman and Furneaux

By 1896 over a thousand engines had been built when the firm was taken over by Chapman and Furneaux, A further seventy were produced before closing in 1902, with drawings, patterns and goodwill being bought by R & W Hawthorn and Leslie of Newcastle..


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