Daily Archives: November 8, 2009

Ellie the Dobermann – Update 3

I’ve been asked by one or two people how Ellie’s getting on as I have posted nothing recently.  I have updated on flickr but I do apologise for not keeping my blog readers up to date.DSCF1917She was back at the vet’s last Friday and had her stitches removed.  She’s getting along ok but the back pad of her foot seems a little sore. She hasn’t got to go back to the vet’s until next Friday – we just have to put up with a Dobe with a thick pink leg!!

She’s quite happy now going outside – we take her into the garden on her lead then take it off if there are none of her furry friends about.  She has even started to get back into her old ways of barking just for the sake of it!  It was a nuisance before but sounds good now!

I think she is getting fed up with being in her bed so much but tolerates it pretty well – but she definitely misses playing with her ball.