Getting ready for the Elves!

The Heritage Centre has seen  a fair bit of movement in the last couple of weeks – just about everything has been moved!  And, for a day or two, you can see the mural!DSCF1908The Neilson loco, ‘Alfred Paget’ has been moved into the workshop, the steam crane has been moved out and the hand crane has changed roads.DSCF1909

I suppose what I am most pleased about is the fact that the Planet has moved over so that the inside can be seen – thank you folks!!

I must say that it is good to see well-painted items of rolling stock leading down to the Museum – it seems to add so much to the impression of the rolling stock being taken care of.DSCF1911The narrow gauge carriage at the end makes a good back-drop too.

Now it is all ready for Santa’s little helpers to build the grotto!!

Mind you, I did think I saw one or two in the distance starting work the other day……..DSCF1904

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