Ellie the Dobermann – Update 2 and a bit

Visit to the Vet’s – 26-10-2009

Back to the vet’s today. She put up her usual performance in the waiting room – whine, whine and more whine, but when she was being bandaged, as good as gold!
The leg looks pretty good after just a few days, and the scar looks very neat, well stitched.
The top bandage is black with a bit of blue top and bottom.  We did ask for tan but they hadn’t got any.2009_10260009

She seems more comfortable with this dressing, but it is difficult for her to lift it high enough when she gets on her bed – she has to raise her shoulder and lean to one side to get high enough.  It doesn’t bend at all.

Back for another dressing on Thursday.

Thursday 29th – on to the Green Period.2009_10290006Complete with hand-crafted wellie!

Very pleased with her progress at the vet’s.


One response to “Ellie the Dobermann – Update 2 and a bit

  1. Glad she’s making progress. Godfrey

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