Ellie the Dobermann – Update

Sadly, we have found out today that she has torn the tendons in her pastern and needs an operation.(20-10-09)

Operation Friday 23rd – Operation successful! Picking her up later.


Sleep it off, Ells.

She staggered in, made it to her bed and that was that – flop!
We’ve seen the x-rays – 8 bolts 1 long screw 1 plate and a couple of bits of wire. She’ll never fall apart now! Back to the vet’s on Monday for new dressing and she’s got to keep a dressing on for about 8 weeks. No exercise. At the moment, no problem, but when she starts to feel better, oh boy!
Thanks again everyone for your support.

Update 2

Today, Ellie has worked out which way is up and is much more like her old self. Last night was difficult in so far as she had to take a pain-killer with food but didn’t want to eat. A tin of sardines and some cheese may not sound too good, but it did the trick.


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