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Tornado at Severn Valley Railway

I’ve just got home after spending a most enjoyable day at Bridgnorth on the Severn Valley Railway.  Peppercorn loco ‘Tornado’ has spent the school half-term week on the SVR, and after checking the timetable, we found that it would be at Bridgnorth for about an hour and a half – too good a photo opportunity to miss, especially as it had been turned to face Kidderminster on Thursday night.DSCF1879It was certainly well worth the trip!DSCF1883There will be more photos and one or two cam-corder clips later.                    Sadly the noise of the steam and possibly pressure stopped my cam-corder recording.  My ears have just about recovered now!  It was great, though!

We didn’t have time to move further down the line to get more moving shots. Shame.


Chasewater News


Works on the Dam – Latest News
The full extent of the works are still not announced but draw down will start early in the New Year and the lake will be emptied by April. It will take up to 18 months to refill. There are ‘interesting’ times ahead but aquatic ecosystems, including wildfowl, are bound to take a long time to recover.  During this time, a culvert will be introduced into the causeway to aid the flow of water from Jeffrey’s Swag into Chasewater, and prevent the possibility of flooding to Norton East Road and the surrounding area.
Hopefully, Chasewater Railway will not be seriously affected by this work, but the Chase Sailing Club and the Chase Watersports Centre could face difficulties for some considerable time.

Ellie the Dobermann – Update 2 and a bit

Visit to the Vet’s – 26-10-2009

Back to the vet’s today. She put up her usual performance in the waiting room – whine, whine and more whine, but when she was being bandaged, as good as gold!
The leg looks pretty good after just a few days, and the scar looks very neat, well stitched.
The top bandage is black with a bit of blue top and bottom.  We did ask for tan but they hadn’t got any.2009_10260009

She seems more comfortable with this dressing, but it is difficult for her to lift it high enough when she gets on her bed – she has to raise her shoulder and lean to one side to get high enough.  It doesn’t bend at all.

Back for another dressing on Thursday.

Thursday 29th – on to the Green Period.2009_10290006Complete with hand-crafted wellie!

Very pleased with her progress at the vet’s.

Ellie the Dobermann – Update

Sadly, we have found out today that she has torn the tendons in her pastern and needs an operation.(20-10-09)

Operation Friday 23rd – Operation successful! Picking her up later.


Sleep it off, Ells.

She staggered in, made it to her bed and that was that – flop!
We’ve seen the x-rays – 8 bolts 1 long screw 1 plate and a couple of bits of wire. She’ll never fall apart now! Back to the vet’s on Monday for new dressing and she’s got to keep a dressing on for about 8 weeks. No exercise. At the moment, no problem, but when she starts to feel better, oh boy!
Thanks again everyone for your support.

Update 2

Today, Ellie has worked out which way is up and is much more like her old self. Last night was difficult in so far as she had to take a pain-killer with food but didn’t want to eat. A tin of sardines and some cheese may not sound too good, but it did the trick.

Ellie the Dobermann got me a Sunday off

Ellie the Dobermann

No railways or Chasewater this time, just about Ellie!

Out for our usual walk this morning before going to Chasewater and nearing the end – ‘squirrel alert!’ – Off goes Ellie through the trees, flat out as ever, but this time the branch that she clattered into was as hard as her leg.2009_10180037At first, it was difficult to believe that she hadn’t broken something, she wouldn’t put any weight on it at all.  We got her home in a friend’s car and then it was off to the vet’s.  After much pulling and twisting (if it had been broken, I’m sure it would have fallen off!) he didn’t think that anything was broken but decided on an x-ray, just in case.  She hadn’t given as much as a whimper to tell where it hurt, and he could find no break on the x-ray so fingers crossed, a few quiet days and she should get back to normal.

We have to take her back in a couple of days for a check-up, at the moment she is heavily sedated and it is much too quiet in the house!

If anyone wants to know what she looks like on 4 legs, she is on a few of the photos on my posts ‘Brownhills Walk’ 1 & 2.  I think there are some more on flickr.

I shall put an update on this blog in a couple of days.

Burntwood Chase Heritage Group

On 10th October Chasewater Railway was represented at the 10th Anniversary of the group.2009_10100023There were many interesting old photos on show, here a visitor (who will remain anonymous!) is looking at the main Burntwood display.  2009_10100022There was an extensive display of Militaria and old farm implements, the Cannock Chase Miners Historical Society was also represented.  Our Railway unfortunately only had one table, so a number of artefacts couldn’t be shown.2009_10100025It was a good day with a group of very friendly people and we really enjoyed meeting members of like-minded organisations.   It would have been nice to have seen more members of the public, but those that came seemed interested in each of the displays.

The afternoon ended with a Ceremonial ‘Cutting of the Cake’ (and a very tasty cake it was, too!) by a former Chairman of the Burntwood Chase Heritage Group.2009_10100028Chasewater Railway’s representatives were a couple of old bloggers, Chasewater Stuff, you are obviously aware of, and oakparkrunner, who blogs local railways around Brownhills and has an excellent page on the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas. Well worth a look, I promise you. Use my link to oakparkrunner, you will not be disappointed!