Bucket Chain Re-enactment

On Sunday 23rd August it happened – 19 people back onto the causeway with Barclay ‘Colin McAndrew’ and the riding van for the re-enactment of the bucket chain water tank fill-up of 40 years ago!Bucket Chain Some of the original cast were there, Barry Bull even had the camera that the original photo was taken with!

The event started earlier than expected, when the Barclay engine 1964/1929 which had been struggling with clinkering up was taken out of service to be replaced by ‘Colin McAndrew’, already in steam for the bucket chain.  Could it pull 2 coaches to Church Street and back? was the question – no doubts in the minds of Keith, Mark and Donna and off they went.  On their return, they looked quite pleased!C A on trainLike gladiators in a chariot!CA on train 2Mark’s comment ‘I might be small but I can pull heavy loads!’  They all looked like cats who’d got the cream!  Brilliant!

So, now on to the next event of the 50th Anniversary.  Hitch up Bob’s riding van and off to the causeway.  Barry Bull got together a collection of buckets and away.2009_08230007I must say, they did look a very smart combination.2009_08230015It all worked very well – but Bob did complain about the buckets being too full!!  Not as strong as he used to be!!2009_08230031The bucketeers – all reasonably dry!   Just being a bit picky, but with all those cameras present you’d have thought somebody might have fallen in!!2009_08230036This was the first time that I’d been in the riding van – a first-class job of restoration.

More on flickr and tordy64 (see links).

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