Bye-bye Daisy

Class 101 DMU 101685

The DMU affectionally known as ‘Daisy’ has now left Chasewater Railway.  No.53160 left today, 30-7-2009, to join No. 53164 at the Midland Railway Centre, Butterley.2009_07300012It’s quite sad to see it go but 53160 has been at Chasewater for at least the last 18 months in isolation, so maybe it will now be put to some use.

Also leaving today another DMU unit, Class 117 DMBS No. W 51372.  Built in Glasgow for British Rail in 1960, it was delivered to Western Region in October of that year and partnered with No.51414, finally being withdrawn from service in January 1994.  2009_07300011W 51372 will now be found at the privately owned Titley Junction Station, Herefordshire.

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