Daily Archives: July 22, 2009

Visitors, leaflets and the website.

Yesterday, the 21st July, two retired couples visited Chasewater Railway. They had travelled from Kinver.  They had got the information about our running dates from a leaflet, which clearly stated the the railway was running on Tuesday 21st July.  These leaflets have been distributed all around the country for months now and who knows how many people have read them. Surely if we publish the days when trains are running, it is our duty to make sure that they are!  I am well aware that schools in our region had not closed for the holidays and so I suppose someone had made a mistake with the dates. Fair enough, but trains were advertised and trains should have run!  To change the date on the website does not alter the dates on the leaflets.

Fortunately, our visitors were spotted outside the locked gates by Jason Busby, and, after explanations, were invited inside. Members working in the Museum took them around the Heritage Centre and the Museum where they were given a cup of tea.  After an enjoyable chat they went on their way, but not before putting a donation in the box. Very nice of them in the circumstances, but how much better if they had had their train ride as well!

Now that our local schools have broken up, we are back on track!

It was a nice theory.