Daily Archives: June 22, 2009

What a Great Weekend!

An absolutely brilliant weekend in my opinion – I certainly can’t remember a better one!

Two newly painted engines and a newly painted coach all out of the workshop in time, a lot of hard work went into getting the rolling stock ready, well done to all concerned.2009_06200011

Rolling stock all ready, but what of the track – the amount of work put in over the last few weeks, and by not-too-many members, took a terrific effort – it was so good to see trains in both bays and both main platforms.

Steam on the Narrow Gauge was another tremendous success, they were kept busy all day for both days really good to see – a great attraction.2009_06200003

The Museum staff was also kept busy all weekend – it was very handy during the (fortunately) few showers, but it’s true to say that there were a lot of people coming in anyway.

I don’t know what all the public thought of the Gala, but all I can say is that a friend of mine brought her grandson along for a train ride and he was enjoying himself so much that it took her 4 hours to get him away!! That’s what we like to hear!


There was so much going on all weekend that it is difficult to put it all on paper (or blog!), but if I have missed anything in this very brief summary I’m very sorry, but I’ll bet it was as good as the rest!!