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Barclay 2343/1953

Barclay 2343A very sad picture of Barlay 0-4-0ST 2343/1953 also known as British Gypsum No. 4.

Barclay 2343

Found another pic, no better but the engine’s still in one piece!

This Barclay engine, similar to ‘Colin McAndrew’, was purchased with the intention of being used, in the first instance, to complete the restoring to working condition of Colin McAndrew by donating its boiler, having a 10 year certificate.

Perhaps, in the fullness of time, British Gypsum No. 4 will be restored in its own right.

Its boiler was repaired and passed its hydraulic test at West Coast Railway’s Carnforth workshops.

Whether or not it will be restored, I don’t know, but I would hope we could manage a coat of paint!