Daily Archives: May 31, 2009

Sunday 31st May

A bit more normality today, as far as the Museum is concerned.  Access across the level-crossing, a lot more visitors came to see us.  We’re still trying to find out what’s happening next week for Asbestos’ birthday but, considering that it’s been advertised in our leaflets all year, still nobody knows.  Fortunately, there does seem to be glimmer of light appearing at the end of the tunnel!

Another of our ‘great unknowns’ is – how much of the line will be available?  I dare say we can cope next week, but it’s only 3 weeks till our big 50th Anniversary Gala Celebration with 6 engines in steam – we’ve got to have somewhere to run them!

Talking about the Gala, as mentioned elsewhere, a visiting steam loco is coming to run on the Narrow Gauge, and a new platform has been built for the occasion. 

Our congratulations to a couple of our more mature members for erecting the fencing and covering a mutitude of sins – its not just the canal that’s ‘curly-whirly’!  If you had seen the wall when it was built, you would understand!!!