Daily Archives: May 25, 2009

May 25th – At last!

Just had a look at the official website and – AT LAST – it acknowledges that this year is our 50th Anniversary –  Hallelujah!!

But I would like to point out, being a prat, that locos is the plural of loco and does not need a bloody apostrophe, and they can’t spell ‘gauge’!!!!!

Still no mention of Asbestos’ 100th though.  It’s in the leaflet for this year so what on earth is going on?!

As for the Museum, for a while today we did think that we were getting closer to allowing visitors to enter the Heritage Centre by way of the level crossing, when the coach that has been on jacks for weeks was lowered on to its bogies. But, when we left, it had been partly raised again.

We know that visitors can walk along the length of the platform and back to the rear of the Heritage Centre – but they are just not doing it in any worthwhile numbers and it means that our visitor numbers have been decimated – it makes you wonder if it is worth the effort of opening the Museum at all!





The first picture shows the offending carriage, still on jacks, and the restricted access to the Centre.  The second pic shows the view back to the main platform – the start of the walk – and the footing is none too good either.  The final pic shows the way to the rear of the Heritage Centre – having taken a sharp right turn from the previous pic – and not showing the best view of the railway to say the least!

I think that’s enough moaning for one day – perhaps it’s just as well nobody knows about this blog!!!