Daily Archives: May 17, 2009

May 17th

50th ann

Evenin’ all, as the man once said, well, we tried to find out what’s happening on Asbestos’ Birthday, but none of the powers-that-be could tell us – great help!!

As for today, steam was replaced by diesel, due to a lack of crew – not that it made any difference with the weather being as foul as it was – heavy, squally and frequent showers – very few people in the park.  Had a good day in the Museum – drinking tea, made with Albert’s tea-bags and eating Mick’s biscuits (he was working on the engine so we left him one or two (I think!) As for the Bank Holiday weekend, well, we know that we shall be running all 3 days but more than that…..?

On Saturday evening 13th June our Fish & Chip specials will be running – advance booking advisable.  I believe we shall be having the same entertainment as last year – The Sunshine Band.

2008_0615 Sunshine Band Fish n ChipsAt least one person enjoyed it!!  Seriously though they’re a group of youngsters with learning difficulties and did very well.

I’m off down Kent for a few days tomorrow so I’ll be back towards next weekend.  (Unless I add another page or two of locos or something tomorrow!)

Bye for now.