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May 17th 2009

50th ann

Chasewater Railway at the moment is a hive of activity,  with trackwork at Chasewater Heaths to complete and rolling stock work going on in the Heritage Centre.  2009_0504 Up in the air!

This makes our Sunday running activities just a bit awkward right now.  Last weekend we were only running push-pull to Lakeside due to the track work – mind you, there were a fair few trains going there and back!  The fare structure has been suspended when this is all going on – passengers are asked for donations chucked into a bucket – fair enough I reckon.

As far as the Museum is concerned, this isn’t easy either.  One of our carriages is  on jacks at the moment, so obviously membersof the public aren’t allowed in the area.  To enter the Museum, which will still be open every week, visitors have to walk right to the end of the run around loop on the platform, and approach the Heritage Centre from the back, entering through the back door.  The area where the carriage work is going on is fenced off to the public.Inside the Museum

This pic is obviously inside the Museum.

Just had  thought – we keep on hearing about Asbestos’ 100th birthday in June, but nobody has said what’s going to happen!!

Bye for now.